SCL manufactures aluminum pressure die castings for heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars and two wheelers. The product range includes flywheel housing, gear housing, clutch housing, filter heads, air connectors, lube oil cooler cover assembly, filtration module casting, turbo charger, compressor cover assembly, charge air pipe, intake manifold, cover coolant duct for the truck segment. Cylinder head, case transaxle assembly, oil pan, chain case, cylinder head cover, adaptor oil filter, fuel pump housing, fork gear shift, starter housing, A/C compressor housing for passenger cars. Crank case, cylinder head, cylinder barrel, wheel hub for powered two wheelers and brake equipment valve bodies.

SCL can produce castings ranging from 0.25Kg to 25Kg in PDC, from 0.25Kg to 24Kg in GDC, and from 2.5Kg to 18Kg in LPDC.

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